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Polished Concrete Benefits

The substrate of choice for professionals
  • Versatile
    any color, sheen or aggregate exposure
  • Durable
    no topical coating to rip or scuff
  • Cost Effective
    its durability and extremely long life span make it an ideal solution
  • Reflective
    maximize facility lighting and reduce energy bills
  • Dust & Mold Resistant
    save money without the need to dust regularly
  • Low Maintenance
    no stripping or waxing, just easy to clean
  • Eco Friendly
    no VOCs, less energy use, few (if any) raw materials
Polished Concrete Flooring Services

Polished concrete is the ideal flooring solution for commercial, industrial, retail and residential spaces. As an alternative to traditional flooring such as vinyl composite tile (VCT), ceramic and porcelain tile, carpeting and wood, it has become the fastest growing phenomena to ever hit the concrete and flooring industries.

The advantages of polished concrete are its versatility, durability, cost-effectiveness, improved reflectivity, ease of maintenance and it's dust proof. There is simply no comparison to other flooring systems when it comes to the life of a polished concrete floor.

Builders, architects and facility maintenance managers are choosing polished concrete as the substrate to use as finished floor surfaces. Polished concrete fits the philosophy of "Building Green" perfectly and is an ideal choice when refurbishing or creating beautiful flooring in a wide variety of buildings. Installing polished concrete flooring is useful for attaining points toward LEED project certification.

Polished Concrete Floor Contractor

Maintenance of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is one of the most durable and maintenance friendly floors available today. With the proper maintenance you can expect to extend the service life of the floor and ensure floors retain their vibrant and reflective finish at a comparatively lower cost than traditional flooring.

Daily Maintenance

Since dirt and debris act as an abrasive on polished concrete flooring and can, over time diminish the clarity and shine, it is essential to keep floors clean daily. This can be achieved using walk off mats at entrances and by passing a microfiber or dust mop daily. These simple steps will keep floors shining longer while protecting them for long term reliability.

Mechanical Maintenance

Over time polished concrete floors will require some mechanical maintenance. The use of a floor buffer or auto scrubber with diamond impregnated pads and specially formulated cleaners will ensure that your investment in a polished concrete floor will last a lifetime.

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